_satellite.contains([array], [object])

Please read Limitations before using this reference. The object was tested on August 9, 2016. Other _satellite objects are on DTM _satellite Object List.



According to Dynamic Tag Management Object Reference PDF (2013),

“Checks to see if an array contains an object”.

If an object is not found, return false. The first parameter can be a string.
Based on the codes found in Developer Console, it seems that _satellite.contains calls another function _satellite.indexOf.

Object Type

  • function with parameters


  • array: an array (can be string)
  • object: an object

Return Value

  • true / false (type = boolean)

JavaScript on Developer Console
The following codes were found when “_satellite.contains” was typed on Developer Console.



Example 1
Search an object in an array.

Example 2
Search an object in a string.


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