_satellite.indexOf([array], [object])

Please read Limitations before using this reference. The object was tested on August 7, 2016. Other _satellite objects are on DTM _satellite Object List.



According to Dynamic Tag Management Object Reference PDF (2013),

” Returns the index of an object within an array”.

If an object is not found, return -1. The first parameter can be a string, in this case, the result is the same as string.indexOf().

Object Type

  • function with parameters


  • array: an array (can be string)
  • object: an object

Return Value

  • the index number (type = number)

JavaScript on Developer Console
The following codes were found when “_satellite.indexOf” was typed on Developer Console.



Example 1
Search an object in an array.

Example 2
Search an object in a string. The returned index is same as string.indexOf().


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