DTM “Unofficial” Object Reference

About _satellite Object in DTM

“_satellite”, JavaScript object is the built-in object in DTM (Adobe Dynamic Tag Management). _satellite.track which fires a direct call and _satellite.getVar which gets a data element value are probably the two most popular methods in _satellite. In fact, there are a lot of useful methods and objects that you can use for your DTM implementation. In order to see the all objects in _satellite, you can check them on your website with DTM installed. You can type “_satellite” on Google Developer Tools Console. If you are familiar with jQuery, you may notice that some _satellite methods are very similar to the one in JQuery.

Google Developer Console


Adobe’s DTM Object Reference

So, what methods and objects are available in _satellite object? How to use the methods? What are the parameters and return values? Good news is that Adobe has posted the online documentation, Dynamic Tag Management Object Reference PDF (2013). This is very helpful, but this reference was the draft version and written in 2013. Adobe Marketing Cloud products have been improved frequently, so some objects in the reference are no longer applied to the current version of DTM. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other Adobe’s documentation that describes the all object in _satellite.


My DTM “Unofficial” Object Reference

As I work on DTM daily basis, I thought that it would be helpful to have the up-to-date full object reference with some example codes. In the blog post series, DTM “Unofficial” Object Reference, each blog post will focus on one specific _satellite object including its examples. The object description or parameters are referenced to Dynamic Tag Management Object Reference PDF (2013) if the object hasn’t been changed since 2013. Please remember that my DTM object reference is unofficial and there are some limitations.


  • Not official object reference: my DTM Reference is based on my experiments. If you are looking for the Adobe’s official explanation about the _satellite object, please contact Adobe Client Care or your Adobe Consultant.
  • Based on the tested date: The object reference is based on the tested date. The object might be different in the latest DTM.
  • Please implement _satellite object at your own risk.

All the blog posts are accessible from DTM _satellite Object List.
Hope my blog posts will help your DTM implementation.



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