DTM _satellite objects will be changing in 2017

“_satellite” is the object in Dynamic Tag Management (DTM). Adobe announced that many of the objects in the _satellite will be changing in 2017. If you have been using _satellite objects in your DTM projects, you might need to replace them with JavaScript code.

e.g. _satellite.isString([param]) with typeof s === “string”

Personally, I have been using _satellite methods a lot because the methods are very useful just like jQuery’s methods. Adobe hasn’t determined which_satellite objects will be eliminated, however, the main methods will not change.


Below is a list of _satellite object references that will NOT change:

  • _satellite.notify()
  • _satellite.track()
  • _satellite.getVar()
  • _satellite.setVar()
  • _satellite.getVisitorId()
  • _satellite.setCookie()
  • _satellite.readCookie()
  • _satellite.removeCookie()
  • _satellite.isLinked()



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