Video Heartbeat v1.5 Implementation 1: Now is the time to migrate to Video Heartbeat

Adobe Analytics Video Heartbeat v1.5 has been available for video players in JavaScript, Flash, ios and Android since March, 2015. This newest version finally enables us to correlate with custom variables. The Video Heartbeat SDKs can be downloaded from GitHub. The SDKs come with very helpful samples.

Video Heartbeat, the new technology of measuring video in Adobe Analytics, was introduced in October, 2013. If you have not had a chance to know what Video Heartbeat is, you can learn from Adobe Online Video Heartbeat Guide. Although several versions have been released, the earlier versions(v1.4 or earlier) had very limited variable correlations. With the earlier versions before v1.5, Video Heartbeat could only correlate with the video report variables such as video ID, content type or player name. Actually, Video Views(The number of video starts) event could correlate with custom variables, but not Video Time Spent or Video Complete events.

Of course, we definitely need to track custom variables for our own video tracking reports. We launched our new video player with Video Heartbeat v1.2 in July, 2014. Since then, we have been unable to create all video repots we need because of the minimum variable correlations.

Fortunately, you are not going to face the problems that we used to have. With Video Heartbeat v1.5, you can implement your custom context data variables and set appropriate props or eVars by processing rules.

In this blog post series, I will share some tips to implement Video Heartbeat v1.5 in a video player. I hope my blog posts will help your Video Heartbeat implementation.


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